The diversity fresco

A workshop that effectively raises awareness and questions about issues of discrimination

41 cards to raise more inclusive awareness

The Diversity Fresco is a collective intelligence workshop that allows participants to experiment with the cognitive mechanisms at work when it comes to discrimination, to discover approaches aimed at reducing it, to debate their scope and their limits, while acquiring a common vocabulary to engage in constructive dialogue and bring about a more inclusive and peaceful society.

Disability, gender, ethnic origin, social background, religious belief, sexual orientation… Many are the causes of discrimination that still prevent millions of individuals from finding housing, employment, or compensation in line with their skills. Their place in our democratic societies, which nonetheless advocate the principle of equality, is thus seriously questioned.

These injustices not only result in frustration, anger, self-hatred, and animosity towards others but also a significant loss of talent. It’s estimated that these losses reach 400 billion dollars worldwide. These inequalities also serve as a breeding ground for social violence that undermines our democracies.

However, these discriminations stemming from stereotypes of which we are often unaware concern us all. No one is exempt. It is therefore urgent to become aware of the cognitive biases at play in matters of discrimination. And this is precisely the goal of the Diversity Mural.

The Diversity Mural was co-created by Belugames and ESSEC Business School as part of its ecological and social transition. It enables not only students but also teachers and companies, to share a common knowledge base validated by the academic expertise of Junko Takagi, Professor and holder of the Leadership & Diversity Chair at ESSEC, and from research in cognitive sciences and social psychology. It represents the first step in a process aimed at building a more inclusive and peaceful society. The Diversity Fresco aspires to be to social challenges what the Climate Mural is to climate challenges!

How it works

The Diversity Fresco is an awareness tool that effectively raises awareness and questions about issues of discrimination and inclusion within organizations. Inspired by the Climate Fresco, it takes the form of a collective intelligence workshop bringing together about ten people and a facilitator.


1 trained person


10 to 16 people


3 hours

Workshop format

In-person and remote


41 concept cards

The workshop is based on a set of concept cards, supports for discussion and debate, where the group must collectively create a logical process.

The cards are successively distributed in lots, each introduced by a mini-game, allowing participants to become familiar with the concepts addressed on the cards to be discovered.

Each stage of the workshop is debriefed by the facilitator.

If you wish to train for facilitation, please consult the Q&A section.

A verified and validated workshop

What the participants thought

"A good way to question our own biases"




"A highly accomplished educational format, well done!"




"I learned a lot about things that until then, I only felt. Extremely powerful to connect intuitions with concepts."

"If I had to convince my teammates to attend this fresco, I would tell them that it's a playful way to inform themselves and become aware of all the existing inequalities. For the most reluctant ones, I'd use the data we had to guess for them to realize that we don't know all the aspects of this topic."




"I enjoyed experiencing a bias, and it isn't easy to bring a bias to life!"

"A rich animation and striking playful activities."



"I really appreciated the combination of academic rigor, experiential activities, and debates with the group. A really brilliant facilitation."

"It was incredibly instructive. I, too, have probably unknowingly discriminated against many people. I want to be even more careful now. I have the tools to better understand and know what to do."




"I was struck by the power of moving the body to absorb factual data."

"It touches on individual and societal notions, it's very well built to deconstruct."



The authors

The Diversity Fresco is a coproduction between ESSEC and Belugames.

The scientific and academic responsibility is ensured by Professor Junko Takagi, Professor in charge of the Leadership and Diversity Chair at ESSEC, with the support of Professor Viviane de Beaufort, Equality between Women and Men referent.

The design was carried out by Isabelle Bapteste and Guillaume Lenoble at Belugames and by Carine Mira at ESSEC.


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